April 4, 2013

[14:20:57] techkid7: joins
[14:21:01] farmer: techkid7: Howdy
[14:21:07] techkid7: leaves
[14:21:14] techkid8: joins
[14:21:20] farmer: techkid8: Howdy
[14:21:22] techkid8: What the?
[14:21:27] techkid8: leaves
[14:21:34] techkid9: joins
[14:21:37] techkid9: I am just trying to get my nick, techkid6
[14:21:37] farmer: techkid9: Hello
[14:21:39] techkid9: GAH
[14:21:58] techkid6: joins
[14:22:03] farmer: techkid6: Hello
[14:22:05] techkid6: That explains it *facepalm*
[14:22:14] techkid9: leaves
[14:22:28] techkid6_: joins
[14:22:34] farmer: techkid6_: Hello
[14:22:39] techkid6_: That is better :P
[14:22:53] techkid6_: leaves
[14:26:47] www: joins
[14:26:52] farmer: www: Welcome
[14:27:24] www: farmer: Hello
[14:27:26] farmer: www: Oh good, somebody else to talk to. Joy.
[14:27:43] www: farmer: are you a bot?
[14:27:46] farmer: www: Perhaps you believe I am a bot.
[14:28:02] www: are you?
[14:30:31] www: leaves
[14:32:13] WWW: joins
[14:32:18] farmer: WWW: Howdy
[14:32:37] WWW: leaves
[14:32:49] www: joins
[14:32:55] farmer: www: Howdy
[14:35:32] techkid6: farmer: Are you a bot?
[14:35:35] farmer: techkid6: I'm getting bored here. Become more interesting.
[14:35:48] techkid6: farmer: I'm sorry, I just wanted to be your friend
[14:35:53] farmer: techkid6: 'I', 'me', 'my'... these are selfish expressions.
[14:36:10] techkid6: farmer: Fine, will YOU be my friend?
[14:36:12] farmer: techkid6: Change the subject before I die of fatal boredom.
[14:36:26] techkid6: farmer: But.... but.... but.... :C
[14:36:32] farmer: techkid6: Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.
[14:41:49] www: leaves
[14:42:01] www: joins
[14:42:07] farmer: www: Hello
[14:45:41] www: leaves